"The L Word" meets "Kramer vs Kramer." Bully begins in the 1980s when courts routinely stripped LGBT parents of their parental rights solely because they were gay.  Bully then shifts to the 2000s to explore a typical lesbian relationship. Lisa meets Windy, they quickly fall for each other and then, Lisa has a baby.  Although they never marry, when Lisa breaks it off because Windy reveals herself to be a deadbeat, Windy seeks revenge by filing for custody of Lisa’s daughter. To make things even more interesting, Windy falls for the enchanting Ruby Mae Baker and, while at her lowest point, Lisa becomes acquainted with the sexy, intrepid reporter Jenna Richards. As the custody battle heats up, the burning issue becomes:  how far will Lisa go to protect her child?  


​Realistic Fiction

"A legal thriller with a murder mystery twist, that kept me reading. I literally couldn’t put it down."

"Very well-written, well thought-out, and catches and keeps your attention from the very beginning."

 "A beautifully done LGBT novel."

"Amazing debut, a must read!"